This was one of Carolyn’s recommendations a few months back and as soon as I picked up the bottle and read the back indicating that Pinot Noir was part of the blend, I did not hesitate in picking up half a dozen bottles.

What the Experts say:  This blend, built around Chardonnay with equal parts Chenin Blanc and Pinot Noir in support, commemorates Thomas Jefferson, a terrific fan of the sparkling wines of Limoux. Opening with lovely aromas of peach pie and dried orange peel, the wine is juicy and bright with a wonderful interplay of fruit and pastry notes, while zesty orange citrus outshines all else on the lengthy finish.

What do I think:  Really glad that I picked up six bottles when I did!  Silky smooth, fruity, with a delicious lingering finish.  Sooo good that all I introduced it to agreed!  Still some around in Ontario hopefully some in other parts of North America.