Just like what you might find in jail – a blend of personalities here is a wonderful mish-mash of bold flavours!  Take no prisoners, keep no prisoners – just drink!

What the Experts say: This bold blend combines Zinfandel with Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, Syrah and Charbono to create a robust, ripe, smooth salute to the ‘mixed-blacks’ field blends of early Italian immigrants to California. Named for and featuring the 1807 etching by Francisco de Goya on the label, this is a wine that will deliver dark chocolate and clove alongside rich dark fruit tones. A powerhouse wine that calls for a grilled steak.

What do I think:  Enjoyed this wine very much!  Don’t know that it is worth the 50 bucks so I would have to say that I will take no more prisoners.  Too much other great wine between the $20 – $50 range that is every bit as good or better.