Even just a couple of years back I was pretty much a red, red wine guy.  Now it seems like there is always a weekly white wine in my life regardless of the time of the year.  It seems like whenever I am having a sushi night it’s a white night.  Even becoming rather fond of flavorful Pinot Grigios!  We have a few whites here and since pasta season is upon us here in the north, a few Chianti’s to pair with and a few awesome Spanish reds that will fit into any menu!


Bread & Butter Chardonnay, 2019: $18.95
What You Can Expect: A big bold full-bodied Chardonnay that is slippery smooth to the buttery finish. Excellent with sushi. Sushi time is anytime!
Ruffino Lumina Pinot Grigio IGT, 2019: $24.95
What You Can Expect: This was a border line One & Done. The bolder of the flaors are overrun by the acidity and those damn gooseberries. More like a sauvignon Blanc to me. Way, way, overpriced for this quality.
Luna Nuda Pinot Grigio IGT Vigneti Delle Dolomiti, 2019: $15.95
What You Can Expect: Translation “naked moon,” happy thoughts right from the get go! An expressive pinot grigio, light and crisp with a nice aroma, smooth and flavorful.
Cavaliere D’Oro Gabbiano Chianti DOCG, 2019: $14.05
What You Can Expect: Another very reasonably priced Chianti. Light to medium bodied and flavorful. Perfect for pizza or pasta night.
Duca Di Saragnano Chianti Governo, 2019: $14.75
What You Can Expect: A Tuscan All-Star, Chianti, especially at this price. Deep dark rich in color, bold red fruit aromas and well-rounded on the pallet.
Lornano Chianti Classico 2016: $19.95
What You Can Expect: You pay a little more, you get a little more in this well rounded Chianti produced from 100% Sangiovese grapes. Beautiful aroma and a rich dark color for this Chianti which I would lean towards full bodied. Highly recommended.
Torres Salmos 2017: $39.95
What You Can Expect: A fine red blend from one of my favorite wine families Torres. From the 150th Anniversary Collection…You can be confident when paying more here you are getting your monies worth. Full bodied and smooth with flamboyant aromas and flavors.
Muriel Fincas de la Villa Reserva, 2015: $19.95
What You Can Expect: A wine find that you should stock up on, I did. Medium bodied but bold with flavor. Rich red in color and flavor.
Burgo Viejo Gran Reserva 2009: $22.75
What You Can Expect: Another Spanish winner, dark red in color and flavor. A nicely aged Tempranillo medium to full body.