October signals a change in seasons so do we begin to change some of what we drink?  Maybe, but really now don’t we just drink what we like…unless of course someone brings crappy wine to a dinner party and you feel obliged to open it?!  David Hearn you are a much better golfer than a wine connoisseur – yes folks we have a One and Done to add to the list.

Let’s start with a couple of pleasant whites

Bolla Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie – $13.95, Italy

Certainly not one of my go to wines but when a friend brings one over I will try pretty much anything and this was another Pinot that was a pleasant pre-red surprise.

What the Experts say:  Pale straw; lemon and light peach aromas; dry, light-bodied palate with a crisp and clean finish

What do I think:  Not much to add to the above other than although light bodied it provided you with a mouthful of taste.

Raymond Family Classic Chardonnay – $16.95, St. Helena California 2016

I have been a big fan of Raymond red wines for years – so had to try the Chard!

What the Experts say: This is a very fine, fresh, subtle and well balanced chardonnay, mild fresh apple, white flower, vanillin aromas and flavours. It’s mid-weight and fresh with gentle grip and considerable elegance. The length is very good to excellent.

What do I think:  Here is a bang for the buck white!  A fresh and distinct smoothness with plenty of flavors.  A good accompaniment to any meal.

Smoking Loon Cabernet Savignon – $15.95, California 2017

The chardonnay we tried last time around impressed as did this Cab!  Especially for 16 bucks!

What the Experts say: Ruby red colour; bright aromas of blueberries, blackberries, cherries, spice and oak; the palate is dry, full-bodied and shows more ripe berry flavours, including black currant, cherry, vanilla, with a touch of smoke on the finish.

What do I think:  a pleasing basket of berries to the nose, great full bodied red that leaves you thinking you just finished some yummy pie!

Trius RED The Icon – $22.95, Niagara Falls, Canada 2016

Some Canadian content for ya! A wine that I had bought for years when I was younger and maybe did not know any better!  Thought I would revisit.

What the Experts say:  A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot aged in Oak Barrels for a year.  Rich round and full bodied with aromas reminiscent of black current and red berries lead to a long finish.

What do I think:  It was just OK, I would say certainly many more better for the price?  Give it the full body and aroma but just seems younger than it is.

Zenato Ripassa Valpoicella Superiore – $26.95, Italy 2015

I have never met a Ripasso that I did not like and that goes for the Ripassa in this case!  Might be the female version and similar in style to my favorite red – Amarone!

What the Experts say: Ripasso wines are fondly referred to as ‘baby Amarone’ by some. Zenato’s baby is bigger and richer than most, with intense flavours of blackberry jam, cocoa, blueberries and raisin. Pair it with risotto with gorgonzola, or grilled sausages and tomatoes.

What do I think:  Once a stale in my cellar and it will be back again. Awesome wine – You can pair this with just about anything your little old heart desires!

One and Done

Someone brought over a David Hearn 2013 Limited Edition Cabernet Merlot from Rockway Vinyards in Niagara.  Thankfully the LCBO does not carry this.  Guessing that the only way you can be exposed is directly from the vineyard or in my case someone unknowingly brings it over. That will be the last time that they will be invited to a dinner party.  In general I stay away from overpriced celebrity wines.