Everyone needs to get “Strapped” somewhere along the way!

By: Claudio DeMarchi

Druh Belts

What does the Traveling Golfer have in common with Lee Westwood who has won 42 times on the PGA Tour and the Jutanugarn sisters Moriya and Ariya who between them are week in and week out hovering atop the LPGA leaderboards and winning their fair share? We all play golf! They much better than I!  But we all like to get our “straps” (cool name for belts) from Druh Belts and Buckles!  They also probably don’t have to pay for theirs LOL!!  But not to worry, the brainchild of Druh, Simon Hurd, has some very generous pricing for those of us visiting his booth at the PGA Show.  Regardless of what they cost, wherever you may be around the world, they are well worth it!

It was about seven years ago I got my first Druh and it was just last year that I sent it to a resting place, not because it needed to go, just because I now have about eight belts in an array of colors that pair well with my Loudmouth Collection.  Speaking of Loudmouth, the flamboyant John Daly has also been known to sport the Druh strap!

Simon Hurd, or “Hurdy” as he was known, while a Touring Professional himself, was always known for his distinctive and colorful look on the links.

As Hurd says, “Golf gear has always been perceived as rather staid and dull so I wanted to have a bit of fun designing belts and buckles that were a little bit funky, yet stylish, and certainly they have been an instant hit with pro golfers all over the world. And now it is the chance for all those amateurs out there to smarten up their golf look with one of my Druh belts!”

Each belt is handmade using the finest in sustainable and natural materials. Leather and snakeskin straps are matched to Druh’s unique range of interchangeable buckles, which gives Druh customers the opportunity to create their own customised belt to look smart on or off the golf course.

For more information, and perhaps customize your own belt, visit www.druhbeltsandbuckles.com and you too can have something in common with John, Lee, Moriya, Ariya and me too!