Or so they think – Wine – Not -(A)-Barrel

Coffee table

I think I am one of those winos, and probably always will be.  I always have plenty of wine around the house, at one time as many as 400 bottles.  I have the fancy wine openers and decanters, a cooler which holds over 100 bottles and a racked crawl space for the overflow.  As you probably know, on the Traveling Golfer I also share what I drink with my 2 cents or someone else’s …..for better or worse.  So yes, I consider myself a wino!

Decorations in my house are from travels around the world of course nothing much has been added for over 2 years and the lack of travel has drastically cut into the 400 bottles.  Like everyone else a little remodeling has been taking place in the form of a little wine tasting area.  What better than sitting around a wine barrel to do such a thing.  But a nice clean and tuned up barrel it must be.  I came across boutique company, WINENOTBARRELS, that satisfies just that, a relatively new company that is maturing just like a fine wine.

“It started on a whim, a stay-at-home project in June 2020, and 1 year later we have created and delivered Whiskey and Wine Barrels and all of the products from these barrels all across Province of Ontario.   Some of our barrel lids and barn board products have even made it into the USA” said owner and founder Jamie Toth.

Jamie while living as an ex-pat in Chile along with his wife Eliana had spent over 10 years selling wine in the cruise terminal, they had restored and refinished several barrels for display stations for our displays. Selling wines direct from Chilean vineyards gave us an ample supply of barrels as we requested them.

In 2020 with so many families rethinking how to spend their “Vacation Budgets” Jamie and Eliana found orders and requests, stumbling over each other and realized that their hobby project had become a popular business.

My barrels, coffee table & tray I had to have!

I can tell you for a fact that there is pride in the work the is produced by WineNotBarrels.  “We love the history and previous life of barrels; sanding whiskey barrel lids can reveal small boutique distilleries.  We strive to preserve those working labels, wine barrels have worldwide Cooper’s stamps and vineyard stamps. We also create and apply personal stamps as requested for barrels and serving trays” added Toth.

Not only did I fall for a full wine barrel table, the moment I stepped into their studio showroom I noticed a serving tray on a ½ barrel coffee table that they had recently posted on Instagram – had to have it!

The showroom is so much more than just barrels – they do custom work.  Don’t see it on the website, make a request!  They have created various one-of-a kind serving trays and coat racks from antique barn board aging from 60 to over 100 years old.  I have just ordered another serving tray with a St. Louis Cardinals baseball theme to it.  The way they are playing not sure why!

For once it is a good thing to be a Canadian, as we have as company based in the Niagara region of Ontario which cleans up wine and whiskey barrels and turns them into furniture and decorative works of art for your home or patio.

A wide array of projects is available for you to peruse, be it full Barrels indoor or out, coffee tables, barrel lids, barnboard projects, or your own special project check them out at www.winenotbarrels.ca

Although it might be challenging to get barrels to our readers in the USA nothing is impossible.  Smaller items are generally not a problem.  Best to just ask!

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