France Whites

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$19.95 – ANTECH – Limoux – EMOTION

From the original birthplace of sparkling wine in France – circa 1544.  An intriguing pale color, not White, and not Rose.  Fresh and delicate nonetheless a blend of predominately Chardonnay with a hint of Pinot Noir.  This mixed bag of fruit, berries oranges and...

$72.85 – Veuve Clicquot Brut

Santa happened to be in town and it was a very nice treat to share with a special friend over Christmas.  Certainly this has fine fruity bubbles with a medium to full body finish.  The question here is – at $73 is it three times as good or flavourful as the many other...


$19.95 – Carte Noire Rosé (Provence)

What do I think:  A good friend brought this over and the next day I bought six! Learned something about Rose. The good stuff comes from Provence, France. Very pleasing in every which way! What the Experts say: This blend of Grenache and Cinsault has long been a...