French Lick bourbon gift box

Me and my Bourbon, who would have thought?! With all the great Canadian whiskey that we are known for, in my world it has taken a back seat to this corny sipper. Corny if you must know is because Bourbon is America’s whiskey. By definition, bourbon is at least 51 percent corn, produced in the United States, and aged in new, charred oak barrels for at least two years. Sipper because it is just that in my world anyway.

It is about four years now that I am in love with this golden nectar. I have tried a bunch by now, my two go to, are Woodford Reserve and Blanton’s. Woodford Reserve, thanks to my friends at French Lick Resort in Indiana. That’s where this love affair began. Double Oak? Thank you very much!

The other, Blanton’s Bourbon, easily recognized with the little horsey on top of the bottle.

When you can find it of course. Not enough of this makes it to Canada.

Back then, and not sure if the tradition continues, when you play as a foursome at French Lick Resort in Southern Indiana, as you come off the course you are given a beautifully decorated bourbon gift box. Within you have four cigars, four shot glasses and a mickey of Woodford Reserve. As media guys, we were all provided with our own little gift pack so we were all able to sip, savour and enjoy!

If you do make it to French Lick (and you should as it is such an amazing place it could be considered Bucket List in my mind), you are oh so close to Kentucky and other than the Kentucky Derby, at least in my mind, Bourbon is what they are best known for.

So much Bourbon and apparently so much golf when this came across the wire I thought that I must share and with the permission of Links Magazine, please enjoy! 

For an overview of golf at French Lick Resort CLICK HERE to watch our YouTube video.