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Todd Keirstead is one of the world’s best golf entertainers in the game. Todd has been voted ‘Trick Shot of the Year’ on the Golf Channel and has been on CTV Sports Plays of the Year. With the amazing shots that Todd is able to execute he as been also featured on ESPN, Sports Illustrated, TSN and TMZ.

Todd Keirstead has been described as a true performer, doing things with golf balls normal human beings can’t even dream about. Todd merges advanced golf skills with great humour into his “Instructional Trick Shot Exhibition” that far exceeds any presentation of its kind.​

With his exceptional showmanship, his performance demonstrates the near impossible and unusual variations of hitting a golf ball. The one hour, fast-paced show leaves the audience electrified and energized as Todd’s skills are amazing and the assortment of shots produced with an unbelievable variety of unusual clubs is something to witness. After a few moments, you will realize the show is more than golfing skill.

“Throughout the years I have had the wonderful opportunity of performing all over the world including Japan, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Germany, deep inside the Arctic Circle to the mountains of Mexico and most of the Caribbean, United States and Canada. More recently in Italy, Spain, France, Japan and South Korea.

I have entertained and have helped raise millions of dollars for different corporate, charity and celebrity golf tournaments and the response has been outstanding,” says Keirstead.​

“I am and will always be a sports fan and when I am able to hit golf balls for the likes of Dr.J Jeluis Irving, the Allen brothers Marcus and Damon, Bo Jackson, Joe Carter and with my Canadian presence, a lot of the NHL current and past players, I am like a kid reliving my childhood sports card collection.

One of my biggest accomplishments was performing in New Orleans for the NFL Super Bowl Celebrity Classic in 2013, and going on a United States Air Force World Tour to 45 bases.”​

But it was a shot in which he utilized current NHL play Tyler Seguin as a human golf tee in which Todd turned into a social media sensation. In less then a 24 hour period “The Shot” went viral with over a million and a half views and receiving both National and International press from The Golf Channel, TMZ, Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, ESPN, NBC Sports, TSN and many many more.

With his blend of outstanding talent, as well as humour and informative instruction, Todd Keirstead is exceptional and unmistakable! Throughout his show, comedy and dialogue add to the overall enjoyment but beware; don’t think you’ll just stand there and watch – audience participation is encouraged turning it into an exhibition about “you” more than it is about “him”.

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