Medical Tourism, Rest, Relaxation and Beer Spas

Beer Spas caught your attention, right?  Surprisingly that is the least popular, although perhaps the most fun of treatments that are consumed in the West Bohemian region of the Czech Republic.  This is where you will find three of the 8 Great Spa Towns of Europe.

Marinaske Lazne

Medical Tourism is the #1 reason why, in 2019 over 880,000 clients visited a total of 36 spa towns in the Czech Republic.  The highest profile of all of the Czech Spa Towns is; Karlovy Vary, with Marianske Lazne and Frantiskovy Lazne making up The West Bohemian Spa Triangle.  The three are home to more mineral springs than any other region in the world.

Since the Middle Ages people have endeavored to take advantage of the great power of natural healing resources, mineral water springs, therapeutic mud and peat and natural gases.  Spa resorts offer medical stays, as well as the diverse packages aimed at rest, relaxation and regeneration.

The advantages of “med wellness” include centuries of experience in providing medical treatments. The spa infrastructure in the Czech Republic is at an excellent level.  Spa resorts employ highly qualified medical staff to oversee care with the progressive healing and physiotherapeutic methods that are world renowned.

Now you can “Take your medicine” and – Add Golf to the Great Spa Towns of Western Bohemia

Whether it’s medical, rest and relaxation or beer spa is the order of the day each of the Great Spa Towns of Western Bohemia have golf to stimulate the experience.

Karlovy Vary one of the crown jewels of Czech Spa Towns, a breathtaking setting for a historic yet modern style town.  Golf in the area ties two iconic properties together the GrandHotel Pupp which just celebrated 320 years, is affiliated to one of the oldest and top-rated courses in the region Golfresort Karlovy Vary  The GRANDHOTEL PUPP is an over the top, grandiose experience, from its overall size, location, Michelin awarded chefs to amenities which include onsite Spa and Casino.  Another option for golfers is Cihelny Golf & Wellness Resort is home to a Gary Player Signature Design with an extensive practice center and pitch & putt short course.

Natural healing resources in Karlovy Vary include, 15 warm mineral springs producing water with properties suitable for drinking, bathing and irrigation.  It is well known that springs here are beneficial in the treatment of digestive conditions, diseases of the stomach, esophagus, intestines, gall bladder, liver, pancreas, diabetes, gout and more.

Mariánské Lázně is a town of little cafes, sweetshops and stylish pubs that over the years, its spas have been visited by famous personalities including King Edward VII, Goethe, Chopin, Edison and Freud to name a few.  Here you will find the oldest golf courses in the Czech Republic,   Royal Golf Club Marianske Lazne open in 1905 by the aforementioned King Edward VII and receiving its “Royal” designation from Queen Elizabeth II in 2003.  (Lead image above)

Spa treatments are based on 6 of approximately 100 mineral springs.  Medicinal water, as it was known back in the 13th century was not easily accessible until 18th century.  Interestingly these are not thermal springs, but cold acidulous waters with a high content of iron and mineral salt.  Medical conditions treated in Marianske Lazne include; neurological disorders, musculoskeletal conditions, osteoporosis, back pain, kidney, urinary tract, prostate respiratory, asthma, metabolic disorders and heart disease.

Frantiskovy Lazne the smallest of the 3 towns of the West Bohemian Spa Triangle gives you that home away from home feeling.  Its streets provide and atmosphere of peace and serenity, lined with colorful homes, pavilions and colonnades, lead you to a plethora of ponds, parkettes and promenades.  Golfers eager for a round or 2 here will find a rather challenging layout, stretching out over 7,000 yards at the Golf Resort Frantiskovy Lazne  Undulating terrain, tree lined fairways and numerous water hazards await at this 4 Star resort.

In 1793 Austrian Emperor Franz I, founded the world’s first peat spa.  Mineral water from these parts became the best-selling mineral water in Germany.  Other than the 20 curative springs used for drinking, bathing and irrigation another important natural resource found locally is peat, rich in minerals and humic acids can be used in wraps and bathing.  The spa became renowned for the treatment of gynecological diseases including infertility.  Medical practitioners have achieved excellent results in treating diseases of the heart, circulation, neurological, oncological and digestive ailments.

Beer Spas, it is just that, you are sitting in a big tub of the same components that go into beer.   Of course, there is consumption but probably best not that which you are bathing in.  Beer Spas can be found in many parts of the Czech Republic, would you expect anything less from the land where Pilsner was born.  Beer and other natural ingredients combine to provide multiple benefits for the body and mind.  Some of the benefits of Beer Spas include: skin rejuvenation, soothing effects on skin, hair and muscles, regeneration of the body and mind, improved blood circulation, detoxification, pore cleansing and increased cardiac activity.

A couple of the original Beer Spa’s Chodovar Beer Spa & Brewery and one with beer spa outlets in each of the Great Spa Towns of the Czech Republic První Pivní Lázně Karlovy Vary – Beer Spa has locations in all 3 above mentioned Spa Towns plus Prague and Plzen.

While we are on the subject of Beer, for beer lovers a visit to the Czech Republic should definitely include a visit to the historic “City of Beer and Culture” – Pilsen  One can get a guided tour of the original brewery that introduced Pilsner in 1842 and inspired a worldwide brewing revolution – over 70% of all beer drunk today is in the pilsner style. Just maybe, you will discover some of the secrets that went into Pilsner Urquell

It is without doubt that one plays their best golf with sound mind and body, West Bohemia in the Czech Republic is just the place to make it happen.  For more information on West Bohemia in general  West Bohemia

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