…and doing more than ever for the GAME!!!

Todd Keirstead, to know him is to love him, and with a smile as big as the Grand Canyon positive vibes just resonate from the guy!

If he has yet to influence you or your game you need to read on, as there is no one more responsible for the way I play than he!  Many would say that I am more capable than most.

Yes, he is still teaching and yes, he is still doing trick shots and moving forward you will be able to track and connect with Todd for those activities right here on the Traveling Golfer website.

You may remember when Todd and I ventured up to the Arctic Circle for a 2-week adventure, teaching local kids, putting on trick shot shows and doing a little fishing.

Since then…he did in fact come close to leaving us for the Fairways of Heaven. Thankfully it was life changing – the key word being “LIFE.”  We are all grateful that God brought him back to us.

From A Close Call to Motivational Call to Action!

To say no one wants to go through this is an understatement.

Lying on an operating table, Todd was in need of immediate medical attention due to going into respiratory arrest. Code Blue was called.

23 hours later, in a critically ill intensive care unit at another hospital, Todd awoke out of a medically induced coma with a renewed enjoyment, enthusiasm, and appreciation for life.

With a new path, and a new purpose, he embarked on a mission! Using this close call as a springboard to personal and professional success, he challenges others to do the same by honestly addressing the things that prevent them from realizing their goals.

Todd has been a motivational speaker at many events including:

  • Golf Business Canada – NGCOA – closing keynote speaker
  • PGA of Ontario – Teaching Summit
  • PGA of Canada Team Building

Todd is doing so much in the way of growing the game and for so many – Bringing them back to the Game.

Golf with Attitude Meets Bring Back the Game

On the Golf Entertainment side, he is second to none in combining teaching golf with his trick shot show – you might say “tricks of the trade.” Todd has been voted Trick Shot of the Year on the Golf Channel featured on CTV Sports Plays of the Year, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, TSN and TMZ.

His hour long shows have taken place from inside the Arctic Circle to Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and throughout Canada and the USA. Todd does things with golf balls normal human beings can’t even dream about, merging advanced golf skills with great humour, comedy and audience participation into his “Instructional Trick Shot Exhibition.”  Exceeding any presentation of its kind.

Todd’s Golf with Attitude Shows have often times landed him at charity events with and on behalf of some pretty high-profile celebrities including Dr.J Jeluis Irving, the Allen brothers Marcus and Damon, Bo Jackson, Joe Carter and maybe the most memorable with NHL star Tyler Seguin as a human golf tee. Social media turned this into over a million and half views in less then a 24-hour period!

As “The Shot” went viral, Todd turned into a social media sensation on some very high-profile media outlets ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Golf Channel and others previously mentioned.

So many of these Charity events have been set up with the intent to support organizations aiding individuals from all walks and challenges of daily life, be it physical or mental situations, MS, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, paralysis, etc. During these events and with the interaction of these individuals a light went off for Todd. Realizing that the techniques that he utilized in some of his trick shots were situations and circumstances that challenged those individuals in their every day life.

Todd went to the next level – add golf and stir!  His entertaining trick-shots often simulated a practical method of golfing for many adaptive athletes. The same movement he used to take a shot while sitting on a chair could be used by someone sitting in a wheelchair to hit a shot as far as any standing player. A shot with his eyes closed applied the same principle movements and connection to other sensations that someone who was visually impaired would need to use.

“Golf is more than a game for me. It’s a vehicle to open minds to what’s possible,” says Keirstead. He is hoping to change that and bring back the fun and joy of the game for people who may have thought it lost to them.

Instead of being just pure entertainment, Keirstead – who most recently was the golf competition supervisor at the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto – realized he could be more inspirational and inspiring.

“I have been certified and trained to work with individuals with paralysis, amputee and multiple amputees, stroke, MS, visually impaired and post-traumatic stress disorder just to name a few through the Adaptive Golf Program in the United States. The certification not only allows me the ability to adapt a golf swing to their needs but also helps them as individuals mentally as well. This accreditation is something that I have gone above and beyond to receive and worked very hard to achieve. It is something that I am very proud of and deal with on a daily basis,” said Keirstead.

For a number of years now Adidas Golf and TaylorMade in Canada have supported Bring Back the Game. Todd is going to keep on delivering his comedic and inspirational message that has touched lives, young and old. It doesn’t matter how many limbs you have or which one’s work, putting the ball in the hole does make people feel whole.

Todd Keirstead is proudly sponsored by:

TK Talks

Todd has so many Stories of Inspiration both on and off the golf course. Incredible individuals who, despite the odds, are so determined to achieve their goals that they will never give up. These stories (over 20) will not only teach us life lessons but will also fill your heart with hope and make us feel better.

Get Inspired – CLICK HERE and meet some of these remarkable individuals for yourself.

Some of the topics that Todd addresses during his talks include:

  • Outperforming the Competition
  • Breaking Down the Walls
  • Moving with No Direction
  • Facing Adversity
  • Creating that Winning Edge

Todd’s Motivational Speaking engagements can be combined with his entertaining Trick Shot Shows for a whole day of Todd and his award-winning smile.

Need to Improve Your Game?

Traditionally over the winter months, Todd keeps his swing like a well-oiled machine by following the sun like most Travelling Golfers to the warmer destinations. This upcoming winter season, due to COVID-19 and the travel restrictions that have grounded him, he is getting back to his roots and providing winter instruction at various locations. Todd is the Director of Instruction at “The Barn Elite Performance Training Centre” in Oshawa where golfers can not only work throughout the winter months making swing adjustments under the guidance of a structured lesson program but also a complete golf fitness workout regimen to make the body a swing machine. Todd is also the Director of Instruction at the newly built Paramount Golf Virtual Practice Facility which is located in the Lawrence and Bathurst area of Toronto. Paramount Golf Virtual Practice Facility offers seven golf simulators to not only get your instruction in but to also ply great virtual golf. Todd is also available for booking at the Metro Golf Sportsplex in Scarborough.

So, Todd is available for Lessons either in person or virtually!

Virtually, getting an analysis of your swing is as simple as taking out your cell phone and taking a video your golf swing. Todd will do a complete analysis and talk you through improving your swing!  For complete details on that CLICK HERE.

There you have it, the Rest of the Story on where Todd has been and what he has been doing…

One thing that we know for sure is that we are ever so grateful that Todd survived the close call as are so many that he has inspired before and after that fateful day in September 2016.

He’s back… and the SHOW WILL GO ON!

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