Walking the Course with Bag Boy might just do that for YOU!

The Bag Boy Company that has since 1946 has built a reputation for unmatched quality, unbelievable durability (I had my first BB push cast for over 15 years) and unsurpassed innovation and design in all of its products, also cares about your health!  Why not, they have one of the best push carts in the market.  I can attest to that, having picked up a Nitron at the beginning of last season.  They also have a Bag Boy Mini Sound Bar, hang that on my cart, crank up some tunes, play some golf and get some exercise.

So many people just don’t want to make time to workout, walking the course is an easy way to add exercise to any routine can have a significant impact on your overall health.

So many of us up here in snow country have been sitting around patiently waiting for the season to start, this is the perfect time to consider how you play the game.

As opposed to riding, walking the course presents several health benefits that help to improve circulation, strengthen bones and muscles and prevent age-related memory decline. Making the simple switch to walking is an easy way for golfers to add extra exercise into their weekly routine.

Me and My T-10

In addition to the health benefits, walking the course can help to improve your golf game. Walking prevents muscle stiffness and allows golfers to keep their bodies moving on the trek from hole to hole. This leads to walking golfers—especially those who use push carts—shooting better scores on average than riding golfers.

Bag Boy offers a wide selection of products to help interested golfers start walking the course with ease. These products include a variety of push carts and the Tracker—a Bluetooth tracking device that attaches to any push cart and records time, distance and calories burned.  Hmmmm I guess I need to add that tracker to my collection of bag Boy products.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in the number of walking golfers throughout the past year,” said Craig Ramsbottom, President of Bag Boy. “We’re hoping that the turn of the New Year helps us to introduce more golfers to the joys and health benefits of walking.”

The Bag Boy Company designs, manufactures and distributes a full line of award-winning, feature-loaded Golf Bags, The Chiller Bag is one that so many of my friends love.  Just so happens that it keeps several cans of refreshments.  No, my friends are not alcoholics! LOL

Travel Covers is a must for someone who travels as much as I do, I have a couple of different styles the T-10 has a very durable cover, while the Freestyle has all the bells and whistles.

For more information on the Bag Boy products above, visit Bag Boy.com