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Tour Edge on Tour Update

More and more people are becoming familiar with the Tour Edge name.  So many of you are seeing the commercials on the Golf Channel.  I know because I am now being asked regularly about them.

A number of household names in golf now on the Champions Tour are now a part of Team Tour Edge, Langer, Lehman, Waldorf and McCarron to name a few.  The big new may just be the number of players who are not under contract that are playing Tour Edge – that speaks for itself!

The Darrell Survey club report is out for the Senior Players Championship: Check this out!

Senior PGA Championship

  • Tour Edge has a personal best for most clubs in play at 62 clubs – 26 metals, 7 utility irons, 4 irons sets and 10 wedges. This tied the number of clubs we had in play at the Senior PGA earlier this year.
  • 17 players or 20% of the field are playing Tour Edge at Firestone CC.
  • BIG NEWS! Tour Edge has gained 2 new players with Exotics C721 Drivers this week, pretty impressive to get these in with all new players for the all-important Major.
  • There’s now been 7 players who have chosen to put the C721 Driver into play so far this season.
  • There have now been 25 players choosing to play Exotics drivers since the start of the 2020 season. With ZERO on contract to do so.
  • Tour Edge is also the #1 utility iron model in play at the event with the Exotics Ti-Utility iron!

For more information on Tour Edges products:  

Canadian golfers should check out: for retailer close by.


Red Rooster Golf Gloves

Premium Gloves at a Fair Price

Just in time for Canada Day – a great Canadian golf product – Red Rooster Golf Gloves.  It’s not often that we write about just golf gloves but with Red Rooster it is more than just about the glove.

Helping to grow the game…….For every Red Rooster glove purchased, a glove is provided FREE to young golfers underserved communities.  This program is in its initial phases and currently working with The First Tee Triangle in North Carolina and First Tee Ontario.

It took me a while but finally have a few rounds and range sessions under my belt and nothing but praise for the quality, look and sensitive feel of the glove.  Still loks and feels like it just came out of the package……… and impressive packaging it is!  Added bonus it is delivered to your door

The glove itself is the highest quality AAA Cabretta leather with top quality craftsmanship.

“Not only are the gloves high quality, like anything I’ve worn on Tour, but the subscription model is easy to understand and the get-give opportunity is an awesome way to support Junior Golf.”  From Brad Fritsch, former PGA Tour member and supporting founder of Red Rooster.

Red Rooster has just completed a very impressive Kickstarter campaign, it is not to late for you to get yourself some of the best gloves on the market!

Over 1,000 supporters, who should all be getting their gloves by the end of July.

Check them out Red Rooster Golf Gloves


Sureshot Axis GPS Watch

No Longer a Fear of Technology

For the most part on the golf course, I like to keep things as simple as possible.   Having to deal with technology before a round often makes me cringe.  I consider myself a rangefinder guy, pick it up point and shoot and we are done.  Sureshot has been my Rangefinder of choice for years and I love the latest 6000 IPSM model, with the slope, pulse and even the magnet built into the unit for ease of placement on carts or clubs.

When my good friend Don, who heads up Golf Trends Inc. in Canada and the distributor of Sureshot presented me with an AXIS to test drive I was a little leery of the aspect of dealing with pre round technology.   He assured me that it was simply to set up and go, the trusting sole that I am I agreed to give it a shot.

Fast forward with a few rounds under my belt using the watch I consider myself a techno – genius of sorts.  Not really but I think I have mastered the AXIS and love it.  No need to find the rangefinder, just look at my wrist and pick a club.  I live about 3 miles from the club I play at the most and can turn the watch on a home and it picks up the golf course before I am halfway there.

There are 38,000 golf courses available on the watch, so that’s nearly every golf course in the world! I’m pretty confident that you won’t find yourself on a course that isn’t featured on the watch.

Using the AXIS watch.  Distances are provided to the front, center and back of the green and the greens have been digitally drawn to provide accurate representation.  The watch may also help you play smart golf with distances to hazards such as water and bunkers.  I especially like that!  The watch even keeps your score for you if you like, in fact keeps 10 scorecards in file.

MGI Sureshot Axis GPS Watch features a sleek black design with brushed metal buttons and a flexible silicone band, you can wear this watch as an everyday timepiece or a wrist-worn GPS device. The glass face is scratch resistant and is also water-resistant. But the most impressive features are what lies within.

It is easy to register your device, it works with your phone, what doesn’t these days???  Apps are available from Apple or Google Play Stores and connects via Bluetooth.

Great battery life on this watch, I played 2 rounds on one charge!  Nothing worse than loosing battery life mid round!

It took some convincing but now having overcome the techno challenge I really enjoy playing with the watch on my wrist!

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