It’s been a tough year and a half for the Traveling Golfer with international travel non existent and to take matters to an extreme the out of touch leader of our Province made Ontario the only location in the world that was not allowed to play golf.

Common sense finally prevailed, and on the May 24 long weekend and courses were allowed to reopen.  To date nobody has died from playing golf!  Unfortunately, I had previous commitments and until this past Friday I was not able to tee it up!

Friday, kind of felt like Christmas day, although the wrappings were already off, my new toys we just just sat and starred at each other for the longest time.  My Tour 721’s were ready to launch the little white pills.

Tour Edge 721 Series, everything in my bag now is Tour Edge, except my Wingman putter….. and everyone should have a good Wingman.  On its way!!  The Exotic 721’s are everything that they were touted to be, “Pound for Pound Nobody Comes Close.”

For the past few years, one would have to pry away my Hot Launch 3 driver from me, after only one round with the C721 Driver in the bag I can say that I am ready to retire my HL3.

Both the Driver and Fairways feature Ridgeback and Diamond Face technology give you a sense of power as the ball jumps off the face of the club while still providing forgiveness on those not so perfect swings.

The sleek looking Hybrids provide the similar sense of power and pop off the clubface while eliminating spin for greater control and distance.

For Irons I went with the E721 Series all the bells and whistles of the C721 just a little more forgiving with an elongated sweet spot, providing a level forgiveness.  The ball jumps off the face (Diamond Face Technology) flies higher, lands softer without sacrificing distance.

For more information on Tour Edge’s entire product line   Canadians should visit Golf Clubs – Golf Trends (

Nitron Bag Boy

It’s lightweight, it’s compact and folds out in one easy step!  The Nitron piston technology makes it ready to go in seconds!  Not to mention that it eye-catching to boot!  What more can a golfer ask for.

Even Golf Digest took notice! Ranking Bag Boy’s new Nitron™ Push Cart as one of their top carts and on their list of tech-forward products at the PGA Merchandise Show.  The too highlighted the cart’s nitrogen-powered opening system which allows it to spring open from a folded position instantaneously and hassle-free.

For Bag Boys entire product line   Canadian readers should visit Golf Carts – Golf Trends (

Have a peek at this little video.


SureShot PINLOC 6000 Series Rangefinder

No more magnetic wrappers to put around your range finder if you have one of these babies.  The internal magnet on the side of the laser allows it to easily attach to any metal surface.  Easily converts between Meters and Yards with Mode options to include Pulse and Slope upon hitting your target.  The latest in technology without the big price tag.

Santa just made another little delivery of the Sureshot AXIS GPS Watch that we will unravel for you in an upcoming issue of the Traveling Golfer.

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