BIG MAX GOLF IQ 360 Push Cart & The Core Builder Pro

Our own Alex Toth from Until the Next Tee has been sourcing out some new products with your health in mind.  Be it walking the course with The Big Max Golf IQ push cart or for in between rounds with The Core Builder Pro.  You might get healthier just by reading on!

BIG MAX GOLF IQ 360 Push Cart “Spoiling a Good Walk… with Ease”

Many thanks to Public Relations specialist David Wheatley from Medi8 Limited for providing me the opportunity to test and review the BIG MAX Golf IQ 360.

BIG MAX Golf has been a golf industry leader in Europe since 1994 and while being a “household name” on that continent, their reach in North American markets is a little more akin to being in a toddler stage than it is an “infancy stage”. The brand has been entrenched in a battle with its competitors in the United States and Canada since 2014.

When it comes to push carts or golf trolleys, the BIG MAX brand has been producing push carts for the last 20 or so years. Over that span of time, BIG MAX has proven that they can bring innovative designs to the market generation after generation. I.E., the IQ 360 Push Cart.

Compact and lightweight, the IQ 360 is an easy travel companion, load it up into your vehicle, in a matter of seconds.  You are ready to head to the first tee upon arriving at the golf course.

Some features of the IQ 360:

  • Its aluminum design is lightweight. While empty, the IQ 360 weighs approximately 14.2 lbs (6.8 kg).

    IQ Accessories

  • A large organizer panel. The organizer panel allows for the storage of oft-used items during your round of golf. Golf balls, tees, water bottles, ball markers, cell phone, keys and your rangefinder or handheld device all fit with ease. With room to spare.
  • With BIG MAX’s Quick LOK (QL) feature you can quickly connect accessories like a beverage holder, umbrella holder, or a cell phone holder. **** Every IQ 360 now ships with a free accessory bundle worth $80.
  • BIG MAX Golf also features its Quick Fix (QF) system. There are two additional slots for accessories by using their QF appointment for further customizing your push cart.
  • Instead of fumbling around down by your feet to locate the parking brake, a convenient handbrake comes standard with the IQ 360.
  • Folding and unfolding is easy with its one-step design. In one fluid motion, your IQ 360 is unfolded and ready-to-go.
  • The front wheel rotates 360*. If you’re on hilly terrain the front wheel can be locked into place for more stability.

Early indicators through my testing process has proven to show that the IQ 360 Push Cart is an easy pusher. Even in wet, soggy conditions. The golf bags attach smartly and very tightly thanks in large part cart. to its brackets that grip the golf bag and the way that the stand part of my stand bag itself, attaches to the golf cart.

The IQ 360 retails for $299 USD.  For more information on the BIG MAX Golf IQ 360 push cart please visit Big Max Golf


The Core Builder Pro – “Developing Mother Nature’s Corset… One Exercise at a Time”

For many golfers, working out to improve fitness can be an intimidating and time-consuming affair. In our busy and chaotic lives, often, we have a difficult time finding the time to gather ourselves and drive to the gym for a workout. Time? What is that? Millennials, I’m not just looking at you because the same can go for retired folks. If you’ve said to yourself “there’s not enough time in a day” once then the Core Builder Pro might be a device to add to your arsenal. Why?

Out of the mind of Jim Porterfield PT, MA, AT (ret.) is a device and a methodology that takes only 6-10 minutes (with proper technique) per day to get a workout in. Mr. Porterfield worked in the physiotherapy industry for decades and has continued to dedicate his life to helping out others, as I can certainly attest. Moreover, Mr. Porterfield has co-authored four books on the subject.

The Core Builder Pro is designed with not only convenience in mind but it’s also a device that is very easy to use. Variable resistance is the key here and the degree of difficulty varies on which strength of tension that you use. The system comes with three coil springs (Red, Blue, and Green), two handles, and paperwork that lists different video tutorials that you can watch in case you have any questions in your mind when it comes to the execution of the exercises.

You might question. What exactly is “Mother Nature’s Corset”? Quite simply, that is the area of our bodies that contains all of the core muscles. Without turning this article into a paper on the anatomy of the human body, bodies are connected to each other and they pull on a “sheet of canvas” called the abdominal fascia which consists of six muscle groups that pull on this “canvas”. So, say you’re suffering from back pain there’s a likelihood that your core could be causing the issues.

I’ve personally been using the Core Builder Pro for three weeks and I have seen a definite improvement in my core and back in that time. Early on, I thought that there was a “placebo effect” taking place but that isn’t actually what’s taking place. Bona fide improvements not only mentally have been observed but my abdominal area as my wife recently pointed out. “You have an ab,” she said. Physically speaking I’ve noticed changes in my arms, shoulders, pectorals, and urination habits. I’ve noticed mental improvements as well.

From a golf perspective, I’ve also noticed that I’m able to fire through the golf ball with more authority. Not to mention, I’m also able to take my dog for longer walks with less pain. You see, what I haven’t divulged is the back surgery is imminent and it’s been me postponing the surgery.

The core is such an integral part of our collective bodies because a large percentage of our bodies are attached to it. The Core Builder Pro can also help with hip and pelvic health as well.

It’s early but the Core Builder Pro definitely works as advertised. The device sells for $154 USD. For more information about the Core Builder Pro please visit Porterfield Core Device

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