Just another of the things that GOLFERS take for granted.

It kind of falls in line with grips on your clubs.  Could you imagine golf clubs with no grips?  Can you imagine greens with potholes like those on Michigan’s Interstates?  Fix those pitch marks on the greens and we will all be happier when our ball rolls smoothly into the hole.  Thanks to a company like Pitchfix we have so many cool tools to do just that!

Pot holes on the Interstate, well that is beyond most of our control.

“Style without function is like creativity without purpose,” said Bart Fokke, CEO of Pitchfix.  “Our tools look great but perform even better. We are excited to showcase them on the new website in a way that highlights the creativity and superior functionality of all our products.”

The tools that they create are not just for golfers.  PitchFix has created products for superintendents and corporations as well.  PickCup, a COVID-19 distancing friendly tool that enables golfers to remove their ball from the cup without touching and damaging the sides of the hole; Greenkeeper Pro, used by golf course superintendents to repair multiple ball marks quickly; and a variety of other products which can be branded and packaged as gifts.

The Pitchfix Fusion 2.5 was named “Best Divot Repair Tool” by Golf Digest in its 2019 Editors’ Choice Awards for the third consecutive year. The Pitchfix Tour Edition 2.5 was named “Best Divot Repair Tool” by Golf Digest in 2019 and 2020.”  These award-winning tools feature the company’s “Repairtec” technology.

The AquaBrush portable golf club cleaner is one of the newest and innovative Pitchfix products.  Cleaner clubs result in better shots in a product that combines the functional benefits of a hardwearing club-brush, with an integrated water spray to help loosen heavy debris from the club face, all in a compact and stylish body, that can be attached to your bag with the branded cap and cord.

Pitchfix currently offers an array of diverse and innovative products for golfers worldwide: Twister 2.0 Divot Tool; Classic Divot Tool; Hybrid 2.0 Divot Tool; XL 3.0 Divot Tool; Alignmee Marker Alignment Tool, Hatclip Ball Marker, The Tour Edition and Tour Edition Fusion 2.5 Divot Tool, the Multi Marker Chip, GreenkeeperPro, AquaBrush, AimPro and PickCup.

The extensive line of Pitchfix products are sold internationally to green grass pro shops, golf retailers, tournaments and corporate golf event organizers who value the quality build, stylish design and wide range of colors with customization options.

Pitchfix is investing heavily in its digital platforms (website and social media) to help build awareness of its brand and to help raise awareness of the importance of good green care.

The new Pitchfix website is the cornerstone of a strategy to give more golfers across the world access to its wide range of products when they enter golf shops, resorts and clubs.  www.pitchfix.com

In Canada Pitchfix products are distributed through Golf Trends Inc. Pitchfix – Golf Trends