Hot Launch 521 Series

Competition or Game Improvement Tour Edge has you covered.

As if Tour Edge wasn’t already making more noise on the Professional Golf Tours than anyone else over the past few years…for us everyday golfers, they continue to provide more and more outstanding top quality golf equipment, custom fitting and at the right price. “Pound for Pound Nothing Else Comes Close!”

“This is the biggest launch in our 34-year history.” Said Tour Edge President and Master Club Designer David Glod. “We have designed the new Hot Launch 521 Series to offer both sides of game improvement in one colossal launch.”

There is probably no one in Canada more excited about the 521 Series launch than me, somewhat self proclaimed as Captain Exotics Canada. Although I have been playing Exotics everything for the past 9 years and hovering around and 8 handicap I am wondering if playing with clubs that are more forgiving plus providing distance and control would not be more enjoyable and still allow me to max out the potential of my game! Think about it. Are you good enough to play with what the pro’s play with?

Here’s a little secret – I have had a Hot Launch 3 Driver in my bag since they were introduced a few years back. Yes, I have an EXS Driver, it rotates in and out of the bag, sometimes daily, sometimes for weeks at a time. And sometimes I have two drivers in the bag and alternate every 2nd hole. No noticeable difference. Both work equally well for me. BUT……What is in my bag right now – HL3.

Covering the Consumer Bases at the Right Price

C521 SeriesCompetition Series – might be just right for me. I take my game serious enough, and if we can’t travel, I might just play more, practice more and just maybe play in some tournaments. Why not?!

Check out the C521 Driver at $229.99 USD.  State-of-the-art Competition Spec design, higher MOI (Moment of Inertia) providing medium+ swing speeds the ability to achieve optimal launch and spin rates easily and with added forgiveness and power across the face. The C521 Driver also features Diamond Face Technology previously introduced just for the top end Exotics line. Thirty-nine different thick and thin diamond shapes or “mini-trampolines” behind the face produces a hotter face with faster ball speeds and better performance on off-centre hits.

The E Series DriverExtreme Spec Game Improvement designs that boast a super-low Center of Gravity (CG), super-shallow faces, offset designs and extremely light premium shafts designed to get the ball launching in the air with ease for slower to mid-tempo swing speed players. The all new Houdini Sole is an emerging design that pushes weight back as much as possible in driver design which optimizes launch conditions and greatly improving forgiveness off the face.  The easiest to hit driver Tour Edge has produced. Either of the 521 Series Drivers sell for $229.99 US.

The Extreme Game Improvement Hot Launch E521 Fairway Metal and Hybrid and Iron Woods all offer the game-changing Houdini Sole in conjunction with a super-shallow face, slice-fighting offset designs, and heel weighting for added draw bias. Results equal straighter and more accurate shots from the easiest fairway metals and hybrids that you will ever hit. 

If Houdini can’t get you out of trouble nothing can!

The Houdini design element has proven to be one of the most effective technologies at getting balls out of tough lies by reducing turf interaction by 35%. This leads to significantly less “duffs” caused by hitting up on the ball and hitting the turf at a lower point before the ball.

Hot Launch 521 Series Fairway Metals retail: $149.99 US.

Hot Launch 521 Series Hybrids retail: $129.99 US.

Tour Edge Iron-Woods have been setting standards for decades as industry pioneers in hybrid club advancements. The hollow-body Hot Launch iron-wood hybrid designs have consistently ranked as the most forgiving and easiest-to-hit Super Game Improvement irons in golf. 

The Hot Launch E521 iron sets come in the form of the complete set of iron-woods and are also available individually in every loft in both right and left-handed.

Hot Launch E521 Iron-Wood: $89.00 US

Diamond Face Technology enhancing the sweet spot is extended to The Competition Spec Hot Launch C521 Fairway Metal and Hybrid line. The C521 fairway metals and hybrids 29 diamonds behind the face create amazing forgiveness and ball speed for exceptional power and accuracy.  Constructed of 17-4 stainless steel and feature a thinner and lighter forged steel crown that increases clubhead speed for the ultimate in power creation.

Hot Launch C521 Irons incorporate an expanded undercut cavity to provide maximum forgiveness, distance, and consistent performance. The expanded undercut cavity back design delivers an increased repulsion effect for high-speed power off the face. The irons are made with the extremely soft 431 stainless steel, providing the optimal feel for players of all levels.

The entire set will be available in right and left-handed models. A combo set that includes two Hot Launch C521 Hybrids and five Hot Launch C521 Irons will also be available for order and as a custom fitting option.

Hot Launch C521 Irons: $89.00 US

Hot Launch E521 Wedges

The Hot Launch E521 Wedge features a super-wide sole that puts more weight below and behind the ball, making it easy to get the ball into the air.

The dual-flange sole design features 14-degrees of bounce allowing the wedge to glide through the turf or sand without digging in and promotes extreme open-face wedge shots.

The super-wide sole and heavier head weight of the Hot Launch E521 Wedge helps to eliminate flubs for superior contact. It is engineered for extreme versatility by adding extreme performance benefits to chipping, pitch shots, explosion shots out of the sand, shots out of the rough, flop shots and with bump-and-run shots.

The wedges are also available as part of the Hot Launch E521 Iron-Wood set as the Gap, Sand and Lob Wedges.

Hot Launch E521 Wedges are $89.99 US Funds

Canadian Golfers interested in Tour Edge product should contact or 1800-668-1101. They will be able to direct you to your favorite a PGA Professional or a favorite retailer near you.

For all of our readers in the USA and around the world you can purchase Tour Edge from any PGA Professional or from one of many local retailers in your area or directly from

Very excited and looking forward to trying out the new C521 Series myself, might just need to change my handle from Captain Exotics to Captain Hot Launch Canada….either way just happy to be associated with Team Tour Edge!

November 2020