Vigor’s Lumen+ lens optimizes grass surfaces!

Did we mention very affordable!!!!!

You’re a golfer. You understand what your game needs. You read the lay of the green and watch the direction of the wind before every swing. But in high light conditions, regular sunglasses can distort depth perception and distance, making it harder for you to line up those crucial shots.

It might just be time to check out the Vigor line up!

After conducting extensive market research the team at Vigor found the following concerns:

  1. Performance eyewear was priced such that users expressed anxiety when using the eyewear for its intended sport purpose (fear of damaging/losing the shades)
  2. Entry-priced sport eyewear brands were viewed as too cheap to perform up to their needs.
  3. Above all, users want optical performance and fit.

Vigor has designed and built eyewear to address these concerns.

Picture – price point!  $60 US

Understanding Lenses

POV Lenses: The Vigor lens the “POV Lens” and this is a package of technologies and standards that ALL Vigor lenses deliver.  POV lenses provide optical purity vision, impact-resistance, 100% UVA & UVB protection, and include individual coatings to enhance durability and performance.  Anti-scratch coatings are applied to both sides, super hydrophobic layers are also applied to both sides, and this helps the lenses repel sweat, water, oil, grime so the user can focus on what’s important.  A high transmittance anti-reflective (AR) coating is applied to the inside of the lens to absorb light that enters from the sides or behind to ensure it doesn’t bounce back in your eyes.  This coating is optical quality (very high quality) – lesser quality AR coatings can impede with vision.

Under the umbrella category of the POV lens, they have 2 sub categories – Polarized+ and Lumen+.

The Polarized+ lens features an advanced multi-layer polarized filter to eliminate reflected glare from surfaces such as water, snow or the road.

The Lumen+ lens features Spectrum Green and Spectrum Rose tints optimized for trail and grass surfaces.  They enhance contrast, proved vivid colors, and reduce the glare of blue spectrum light, keeping eye fatigue low.  These tints provide all weather performance and do not affect depth perception.

F3 Frames: The performance of the frame is just as important as the lens performance.  The Vigor F3 frame (Firm, Feather, Flex).  Using a composition of materials that are lightweight, and allow flex where you want it, and solid structure where that’s prioritized.  This combination of materials works together to create the comfort of flex with the durability of rigidity.  F3 frames have a high impact resistance, and have a memory so they hold their form over time.   The team at Vigor want your glasses to be the most comfortable pair of sunglasses that you have ever owned.

Opti-Fit: Continuing with importance of fit, they have integrated a premium quality hydrophilic rubber compound into the temples and nose pieces of Vigor frames.  Hydrophilic rubber increases in tact when it becomes wet so your Vigors stay in place when you need them to.  Also included are adjustable nose pads wherever possible so users can customize fit to their unique face shapes.  The frames are designed to stay in place while you’re active, and make them so comfortable that you won’t even know you’re wearing them until you take them off.

Vigor gives you that freedom – the freedom of total clarity.

Canadian Distributor – Golf Trends Inc.

Check them out at your local golf shop or a golf retailer near you.