You heard it from us, but you know I am a little biased to Tour Edge Exotics but then I am not Captain Exotics Canada for nothing.  But don’t take my word for it.

Industry experts have now had a chance to test drive the C721 Series and we have some of the results.  Let Golf Channel’s Matt Adams give you the technology of the new C721 Driver.

Michael Newton of Michael Newton golf will give you his impression of not only the Driver but also the Fairway Woods and Hybrids.  He is also wondering why every and any mere mortal would not be using these products as he bombs them down the fairway.

James Robinson of TXG Tour Experience Golf puts the C721 up against the big brands and you will find out Pound for Pound when it comes to Tour Edge no one comes close.

Rife Putters – Nothing Rolls Like a Rife

A more Consistent and Accurate role on every Stroke

Rife Golf began operation in 1997, since then has become a premier golf equipment manufacturer rich with success and a history of superior products.  Revolutionizing putters with the introduction of their patented RollGroove™ Technology. Rife Golf is committed to the innovation, quality, and performance of every product they offer.

What does putting with a Rife Putter mean for you?  In a nutshell, a more consistent and accurate roll on every stroke.  The Roll Grooves you find on each Rife model are engineered to start every putt with top spin. This eliminates, backspin, skipping and skidding created by traditional putters.

To get a clear understanding check out the short video from Direct Golf.

The focus for Rife has always been to infuse performance with design, Roll Grove Technology is one of the greatest innovations to come to the golf industry and it is all in an effort to allow golfers to become the best putters that they can be.

Rife Putters, is the true innovator behind horizontal grooved face putter technology with a patent on specifically sized grooves since 1997. These precisely spaced grooves allow the putter to gently press into the cover of the ball and grip and lift it into an instant forward roll. Rife Putters states, “just as grooves in irons help control spin so do grooves in a putter face.” Other companies are now trying to imitate this patented technology but the spacing of the grooves is the true key to the gripping and lifting effect of grooved face putter technology. Horizontal RollGroove faced putters create the truest “no skid” roll in golf no matter where you hit the ball on the putter face.   Rife is the only Putter Company that uses 2 degrees of loft for all of its putters.

Roll Grove Technology Series (RG Series): Currently there are 6 right hand models and 1 left-handed, with a second left-handed mallet putter coming in the very near future.  They all come with a mid-size putter grip and rife logoed putter cover.

An investment in a Rife RG Series Putter might be considered a bang for the buck at roughly $129 USD or $169 CAD.  When you compare that to many top end brand name putters starting at $250.00 and up.

Try one and you might become a Rife 4 Lifer!

For more information on Rife Putters: Rife Putters – Golf Trends (


“Tell Us What You Want and We Will Build It.”

The Success of Vigor Eyewear


Jack Owens is the owner of Outlook Eyewear Canada and he has seen time and time again, people and in particular golfers spending upwards of $150.00, even $300.00 on sunglasses and then throwing them into golf bags, watching them fall off of ball caps, being at on or just left behind.  I am sure that you have had your own experience.

As any good businessman in the eyewear industry would, and with some 50 years in experience, Owens did some research and came to the realization that there was a gap in the marketplace and that he had just the right idea to fill it.

“We did market research to find out what guys wanted,” said Owen.  “Rather than us building a pair of
sunglasses and hoping that guys liked them we said ‘tell us what you want and we will build it.”

PLAY HARDER is the theme and with that Vigor Eyewear was born and built with purpose and resilience.  Very attractive and comfortable in my opinion.  They are built for active individuals, bikers, hikers, golfers and fisherman and come with a very reasonable price point.

For us GOLFERS, consider the lens LUMEN+ Green, enhancing contrast, ideal for reading greens in high light conditions.  Regular sunglasses can distort depth perception and distance, making it harder for you to line up those crucial shots.  Lumen+ Spectrum Rose is optimized for road & trail surfaces.  Frames come in the sporty wrap around style as well as lifestyle models with a price point around $60.00

POLARIZED PERFORMANCE+ lens, whether you are on the water or out on the trail, your active lifestyle needs a comfortable way to cut the glare on sunny days. This isn’t any old polarized lens. It’s time you see the difference.  Styles are very much similar in the Polarized version and the retail price point in the $75.00 range.

For the real techy type read on.  For anyone interested in Vigor Eyewear visit: Vigor – Golf Trends (