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Woodford Reserve – Kentucky Straight Bourbon

It was love at first sip!  How appropriate to be introduced to Woody after coming off the prestigious Dye Course at French Lick Resort.  Every foursome that comes off the Dye Course is presented with a beautiful metal container, with images of the course on it. ...

$72.95 – Double Oaked Woodford Reserve

Of course I try to get mine at the Duty Free at about $40.00 US.  All of the yummy flavours from above but with a twice barrelled process just makes it richer, smoother and even more flavourful.   Enjoyed my regular Woody and would not hesitate to have it again but if...


$21.75 – Pocas Jr. LBV Port 2009

Intense dep red in color, solid red and black fruits, full bodied with dense aromas.  Ideal accompaniment to deserts.  Ours just happened to be an ice cream birthday cake of chocolate hazelnut, oreo cookie.  More please.

$22.95 – Fonseca Porto 2011

This is the best follow up to a dinner with some good solid reds.  No hints of vanilla or hazelnut that you find in Tawny’s and Ruby’s.  Just a concentration of richness of the best bottle you had that night.  This is why I love Late Bottled Vintage (LBV) over the...



$34.50 – Crown Royal Black, 750 mL – Canada

What do I think:  For the longest time I had heard the phrase “once you go black you never go back.”  Finally I know what they means.  Regular Crown Royal is pretty damn good for any whiskey drinker.  Black just raises the bar another notch! What the Experts say:...