Ya know, as dogs we always like to go for walks…and for these particular dogs we like our walks on the golf course.

“What puts the Nitron above any other cart golfers have used in the past is simply its effortless open-and-close features. This cart is ready to go in seconds,” said Chris House of Golf and Ski Warehouse. “The convenience factor alone is reason enough to entice consumers, but it’s still super compact, lightweight and eye-catching.”

At the PGA Show in January – it literally opened up to rave reviews!

“Customers, sales representatives, and consumers were all wowed at how simple and quick the Nitron popped open,” said Perry Hilbert, Sales Manager at Dynamic Brands. “There’s no other cart like it on the market.”

Even Golf Digest took notice! Ranking Bag Boy’s new Nitron™ Push Cart at number 5 on their list of tech-forward products at the PGA Merchandise Show, highlighting the cart’s nitrogen-powered opening system which allows it to spring open from a folded position instantaneously and hassle-free. Eliminating the time it takes to open and the nuisance that often comes along with other carts is one of the top reasons the Nitron™ is so ground-breaking.

Give a dog a bone…wow, so quick and simple it is almost leash free!

The Nitron™ Push Cart is available through your local golf professional and golf retailers near you!  Eight different color options for the fashionista in you!

US suggested retail price is $229.95 and will be available at multiple retail locations and at www.bagboy.com.

Six colors available in Canada – Black – Battleship grey/lime – Black/Red – Grey/Pink – Silver/Black – White/Cobalt.

Canadian suggested retail price is $349.99.

Canadian distributor for Bag Boy products is Golf Trends Inc.  www.golftrendsinc.com