Staff gear

In fact I love having a couple of Triple Bogey’s….. but only after my round!

It has been around for a few years now, the brain child of Geoff Tait, in 2017 they surpassed 300 golf clubs offering the crisp refreshing blonde lager.  And it is not only found at golf clubs, but also at local bars and patios and the Beer Store too!  Rumor has it that Triple Bogey is Alberta bound and perhaps making some inroads into some US markets.

Congratulations to Geoff and his team for taking a hands on approach with his clients not only the golf courses, but the members of clubs who are the ones drinking Triple Bogey.  They are supporting clubs, events and leagues with cool golf gear and at any given event you might find cart girls or dining staff dressed in Triple Bogey attire.  Need to add a spark to your club events? Contact Geoff and he will do just that.