They Said the Show Must Go On…Santee’s Winter 4 Ball Classic

               …AND IT DID!!!!

It’s been taking place for three years now and based on the participant’s satisfaction again, this event might just go on forever!  “It was as close to a normal event as we have had in a long time,” said Todd Miller, General Manager of the Santee Cooper Resort.

For the past number of years, the Winter 4 Ball Classic had been hovering around the 100-participant level, with COVID it was questionable as to whether it would even happen.  Miller decided that surveying the past participants might be the prudent thing to do. Survey’s completed; he decided The Show Must Go On!

“We did miss our Canadian friends this year, with them we would have been almost back to normal.”  With Santee, SC being pretty much a drive market for Canadians and with 30 having participated the year before, had they been able to cross the border there could have been potentially 82 participants.  The end result was 52 participants, all who had been to, or knew someone, from a previous year’s event.  “Great news is that they all plan to come back!” added Miller.

Lake Marion Condos

From Day 1 of the event, Tour Edge Golf has been the major sponsor, providing each player with a new golf club each year and with the Santee Cooper Resort as the #1 green grass shop when it comes to selling Foot Joy Shoes, they too have stepped up to the plate and everyone literally walks away with a new pair of shoes!  It doesn’t stop there either, each player received a dozen balls, a Foot Joy glove, towel, and events shirts and caps!

The 4 Ball Classic takes place exclusively at the Santee Cooper Resort and has the feel of all-inclusive, accommodations on site in the Lake Marion Condos and Villas lining the Lake Marion Golf Course.  Breakfast and dinners are at the Hospitality Center centrally located to the Villas, with lunches at the clubhouse.

Oh ya, meals, accommodations and all the swag are included for the price of $549.00 with 4 people in a 2-bedroom unit.  It’s no wonder that they keep coming back.

If you want to be in the loop on next year’s event, connect with the folks at Santee Cooper Resort Over the 1st weekend in December, expect temps in the mid 60-degree range but be prepared – it could be cooler too!

Palmetto Trace

The Santee Cooper Resort has two courses, Lake Marion being the home base for the event with the Santee Cooper Country Club right next-door hosting a round.  A fun addition to this year’s event was an evening Putting Contest on the recently completed Palmetto Trace.  A first for South Carolina, the
18-hole putting course is 35,000 square feet, fully lit, over some of the most varied terrain you will ever see in a putting surface. The design is based off the Himalayas putting course at St Andrews, and designed by golf course architect and Donald Ross restoration specialist Kris Spence.

As usual, most of the golfers that come for the event are in no hurry to leave.  No wonder why as those from the northern parts of the states are likely buried under show or it is way to cold to play.  Santee is an ideal place to hang out for a few days more.  Once you get to Santee for this event you will not have much in the way of driving to do!  The Town of Santee is located smack dab right on I-95, just off the Interstate and you are there!  Santee National Golf Club is also just about a mile down the road on the west side of Town.

Clark’s Inn & Restaurant

For a small town of just over 800 residents it certainly has it fair share very good dining options.  Starting with the Town’s landmark eatery Clark’s Inn and Restaurant, Est 1946, has been in the family for more than 70 years.  Southern Living Magazine has twice now recognized Clark’s as a must stop in “The South’s Best Road Food.” Customers come away raving about the food, with the fried chicken at the top of the list of deliciousness followed closely by the prime rib.  The staff has a way of serving up that southern hospitality too!

Other must stops are: Armando’s Mexican Restaurant with its monster margaritas provides that sporty atmosphere along with some authentic cuisine.  Wilbur’s Cocktails and Supper Club offers up a wide variety of meal options – love the steaks and pork chops here, probably the finest in wine selections in Town.  Last but not least for the fish lover in you Captains Quarters, a staple in Santee for over 25 years and one of this golfer’s favorites.

Established years ago as America’s Value Destination, Santee has been attracting upwards of 100,000 traveling golfers for years. If you have yet to make your way to Santee you will need to make that a priority for 2021.  Inexpensive, good golf, everything is within easy reach and as you have seen by our impressive return rate of golfers, it’s fun and most importantly today, it is safe!

For more information on the Town of

For more information on future Winter 4 Ball Classics visit Santee Cooper Resorts at:  1-800-344-6534