9. Muskoka Bay Club, Gravenhurst

Muskoka Bay Golf Club, Gravenhurst, Ontario Canada

Score: 48.36

Easily one of the most picturesque courses in Ontario, the 2006 Doug Carrick design embraces Muskoka topography in all its glory, from mammoth granite ridges and dramatic elevation changes, to streams, beaver ponds and dense woodlands. Voted Canada’s Best New Course in 2007 by Golf Digest, Carrick’s continual photo-op presentation of each hole more than compensates for the fact that the course can be unforgiving in spots.

“Finding the perfect routing took time, patience and creativity from our design team,” says Carrick, who incorporated undulating fairways and ragged bunkers in creating thought-provoking shot values and a series of quite unique and memorable golf holes.

As photogenic golf goes, it’s hard to beat Muskoka Bay, says our panel. “Doug Carrick’s best golf course, and one I never tire of playing at any time of the year, but especially in the fall,” says panel member Grant Fraser. “It’s not just my favourite golf course in Ontario, it may be my favourite in Canada.”

“A modern masterpiece that will continue to enthrall golfers fortunate enough to experience it for years to come,” echoes Kevin Holmes. “The Muskoka setting, in itself, is magnificent and unforgettable, but what Doug Carrick managed to carve out of it will drop your jaw to the ground. A must-play course.”

“Any discussion of Ontario’s best golf courses is incomplete without representation from the gorgeous Muskoka region, and Muskoka Bay is simply the best of the best,” adds Santino Pompeo. “Cut through the heart of the Canadian Shield, each hole is a journey past striking granite and wondrous wildlife. Peace and beauty are at one on this legendary piece of property.”



“Muskoka Bay made full use of the natural environment—wetlands, trees and rocks—to create a spectacular but very playable golf course that’s always in great condition. Play-and-stay is also an attractive option.” —Sarah-Anne Smurlick

“Eighteen very different holes with spectacular scenery. Although the rock face is there, it doesn’t really come into play on many holes. Dramatic elevation changes are even more impressive looking from the green back to the tee. Don’t assume you can just hit driver on every tee, as accuracy is more important, but if you select the right tees for your game, it is sure to be one of the most enjoyable courses in Ontario.” —Rob Coulter

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