Because Everybody Needs a Good Wingman

Hot Launch 523 continues to lead industry in Game-Improvement designs for distinct player types and expanding custom fitting to every golfer.

Tour Edge, the pound for pound industry leader in performance and innovation, introduces their new Hot Launch 523 Series of golf clubs that will be available at retail starting November 1, 2022.
The 523 series is the 7th iteration of the best-selling Hot Launch line. Each iteration has raised the standard of excellence for mid-tier price point golf clubs in the golf industry.

The 523 Series offers two distinct ranges, the E523 and C523. They are designed to cover both ends of the Super-Game-Improvement and Game-Improvement club categories in separate driver, fairway, hybrid, iron, and wedge designs.

Both the Extreme (E) and Competition (C) ranges are designed to produce different playing characteristics targeting a specific player looking for game-enhancing qualities.

  • The C range features premium Competition Spec Game-Improvement designs with a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) in classically shaped clubs that sit square at address, while providing the ability to launch the ball with added forgiveness and power.

“523 is a running upgrade over the 522 series, but we continue to bring as much innovation to this line from our ultra-premium and tour-inspired Exotics lineup,” said Glod. “With Hot Launch, our goal is to bring as many performance benefits as we can to the budget minded golfer, and to add in the custom fitting element that matches the unprecedented demand the marketplace is experiencing for Game-Improvement clubs.”

  • The E range are Extreme Spec Super-Game-Improvement clubs that boast an extremely low Center of Gravity (CG), super-shallow faces, and offset designs designed to get the ball launching in the air with ease.

With Hot Launch 523, Tour Edge is employing several key innovations from their tour-preferred Exotics brand, including Ridgeback, Diamond Face VFT and VIBRCOR technologies, while also upgrading current innovations like the game-changing Houdini Sole and the acoustic-enhancement of the product.

“No one else is putting this kind of focus on fitting at this price point level,” said Glod. “We’ve really opened up the door to a large group of golfers to get custom fit for their golf clubs who would not have considered it previously.”

“One of the biggest reasons Hot Launch has been such a successful endeavor for us has been our ability to simplify and take custom fitting to the mainstream,” said Tour Edge founder and President David Glod. “Hot Launch custom fitting has increased 700% over the years and I feel we have created a space that did not exist before for budget-minded golfers to consider the custom fit process.”

Hot Launch is designed to be the leader in performance-value custom fitting and much of the focus around Hot Launch 523 will be based around its custom fitting program.

In the USA, Tour Edge will immediately implement its 48-hour shipping arrival program with any Hot Launch 523 custom order. Any 523-custom order from an authorized Tour Edge fitter will be put into the 48-hour delivery protocol. If the order is placed into Tour Edge by 1:30 PM central time on a weekday, the custom build will arrive in 48-hours in the continental U.STour Edge Golf

Retail prices in the USA will be $269.99 for both the E and C drivers, $169.99 for both E and C fairway metals and $149.99 for the E and C hybrids. The C522 Irons will sell for $79.99 per iron, while the E522 Irons will retail for $99.99 per iron. The E and C wedges will both cost $89.99 per wedge.

In Canada, anyone interested in Tour Edge product should contact their local golf professional or local retail outlet.  Tour Edge is available through Golf Town.

Golf Professionals, golf clubs and retailers in Canada looking for more information on Tour Edge Product,, you should contact their Canadian distributor Golf Trends Inc

Tour Edge Exotics – Wingman Putter

Everybody Needs a Good Wingman


“We expanded the wingman 700 series to fit more players and to really upgrade the look, sound and feel in a big way. You’ll absolutely make more putts with these extreme moi putters. ” from David Glod, President, Founder & Master Club Designer at Tour Edge.



Larger Carbon Sole Plate

Re-engineered Lock-on Alignment Technology

Interchangeable Weights

Micro-Groove Face Technology

Super Max MOI (Models 701 & 702)

Max MOI (Models 703 & 704)

High MOI Mini Mallet (Models 705 & 706)

Multiple Hosel Options.

For more information:  Tour Edge Exotics Wingman 700 Series

In Canada contact Canadian Distributor: Golf Trends Inc