Claudio DeMarchi is the Traveling Golfer. Join us as we take you from West to the Far East. From the most northern golf course in the world to the most southern.

He is always in search of either the best or most unique destinations for golf, top or unique resorts. Some best kept secrets and great bargains too!

Our library is extensive, and we will have special guests to add insight, come along, sip some wine, we will be, maybe bourbon and who knows what else.
Thank you for joining us.

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#21 – Tee Box Chatter

#20 – America’s Summer Golf Capital, BOYNE Golf, Michigan

#19 – Here, Golf and History stroll hand in hand: Kingsmill Resort, Virginia

#18 – Saddlebrook Resort: That Home Away From Home Feeling

#17 – Amazing Thailand: A Safe Haven for Golfers

#16 – Golf With Attitude Directs Team Canada of Disabled Golfers

#15 – Golf in Thailand

#14 – BOYNE Golf, Michigan

#13 – Our New Sponsors, Tour Edge and Golf Trends Inc.

#12 – Golf’s Little Big Town; Santee, South Carolina

#11 – Augusta, Georgia; Year Round Golf Destination 

#10 – Ocean City, Maryland

#9 – Collingwood/ Southern Georgian Bay

#8 – America’s Next Great Golf Destination has ARRIVED in Branson, Missouri

#7 – South Carolina’s Hidden Gems, UNCOVERED – Not where you might think!

#6 – The Home of American Golf

#5 – Tour Edge in my Bag

#4 – BOYNE Golf; America’s Summer Golf Capital

#3 – Golf Niagara Parks & some wine from Niagara on the Lake

#2 – French Link Resort in Southern Indiana

#1 – Canada’s Capital Region, Ottawa