See The Green, Not The Glare

Such a comfortable fit that you won’t even know that you had them on. At least that is what happened to me, strolling around the fairways and greens at Blue Mountain about a month ago when part way through the round my buddy asks, “Are those new shades?”  “Yes sir, it a new line just making its way into Canada!” I replied.  The fact is that they are already available at some courses including some pretty high profile clubs such as Angus Glen, the prestigious National Golf Club of Canada and Muskoka Bay to name a few.

Vigor Eyewear is now in the hands of Golf Trends the Canadian distributor of other high profile lines including Tour Edge, Bag Boy and Golf Pride to name a few.

Vigor’s OptFit Technology ensures the fit you want every time you put them on. Maybe the most comfortable pair of sunglasses that you will ever wear.

Additionally Vigor uses advanced multi-layer Polarized-plus filter eliminates reflective glare without distortion.  The most technological lens on the market, with UVA and UVB protection while ensuring durability and 360 degree glare protection.

“This line of eyewear fits perfectly with some of our other products.  We don’t need to be the most expensive in any category but we do want to provide the best quality product for the consumer’s dollar.”

With that you should be able to pick up the Vigor Eyewear depending on what you choose in the $60 to $75 range.

Your Canadian distributor for Vigor Eyewear is Golf Trends

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