Too many wines and not enough time!
2 solid reds
1 refreshing sparkling Rose
2 silky smooth Chardonnays

……and 1 for the ONE & DONE pile………….

Cinque Stelle 2011 Amarone della Valpolcella Classico: $55.00  – Italy

So we up the ante with this one but everyone once in a while we need a little Amarone, especially if you are having a nice steak or prime rib!  But this is truly good with almost anything.  Full bodied and silky smooth with a hint of rich cherry and coffee.  Great finish, making you want more, more, more!

93 point by Wine Spectator – can’t say enough about Amarone.  If you have never had one – indulge.

Marques Casa Concha – 2014 Carmenere: $19.95 – Concha Y Toro, Product of Chile

I have had a number of Carmenere’s in the past year and have to admit that I am becoming fonder with every one.  A very solid red, full of aroma and flavours that blend together and not one that overpowers.  I served this with a spicy Cesar salad and Bolognese pasta.

Chandon Sparkling Rose: $35.95  – California arm Domaine Chandon producers Dom Perignon

A Pinot Noir and Chardonnay blend which is a favorite of mine.  Absolutely perfect for any occasion from breakfast through the midnight hot tub!  Medium bodied, very refreshing, subtle fruits with a great finish.

You might be paying a little more for this Rose than many in the same category – no doubt paying for the name.  Good enough that I will keep treating myself and friends to this one.

Clos du Bois Chardonnay: $16.00 – California 2015

This is a keeper, medium body, full of aromas of apple, citrus and buttery smooth.  A hint of oak but not dominating, nice finish.

Chloe Chardonnay: $18.95 – Sonoma County California

For a guy who was almost exclusively a red wine and bubbles drinker adding whites to my diet has been an eye opener and requires much more of a fitness routine LOL!

Light in color, refreshing, rich in flavours of apple and pear.  Creamy on the palate, dry with a nice lingering silky finish.  You might find a bunch of this on my deck on a hot summer afternoon.


Two Oceans Shiraz 2016: $9.95 – South Africa

I will admit that I did not by this. It was a corporate gift from someone who did not know much about wine.  I thought I would try it anyway.  Might be classified as Vintage Thursday or so it tasted.  Not a big fan of Shiraz anyway and this one did not help.  Dry, nothing much to it for flavour and like most Shiraz no finish.  I might never have another Shiraz again.